Big Web’s 2018 Preakness Picks

Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen, Tony and T.J. Weber live from beautiful FAIRMONT PARK Collinsville,IL….
It’s The 143rd running of The Preakness Stakes!!!! Oh Baby, we’re loving Justify…

That’s right boys & girls looks like the odds are going to be short, but there is no reason that this horse should not repeat. In fact, I’m betting the exacta repeats as well.

Let’s take a 5 horse box for fun….
Justify, Good Magic, Sporting Chance,
Quip, and Lone Sailor. $1 ticket for $60

Let’s take a $30 exacta Justify over Good Magic, and a $10 exacta Good Magic over Justify.

Sporting chance and Lone Sailor will improve their chances in this shorter field vs the one they faced in the Derby.

Total investment $100. Good luck!

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan, USA TODAY SPORTS


Brews On The Balcony 5/17/18


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T.V. TALK (21:48) – T.J. lives under a rock… He finally starts watching It’s Always Sunny… Certain shows should not drag on… How do you feel about reunion shows?…


Brews On The Balcony 5/15/18


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DISCUSSION ABOUT LEGALIZING SPORTS BETTING IN THE U.S. (13:00) –T.J. and Nick give their opinions on the Supreme Court striking down the federal anti-sports gambling law… If you can tax it, it’d be a huge asset to our country… People are going to wager on sports regardless, whether it’s with a bookie or an off shore website, so why not keep that money in the U.S.?… How does Las Vegas react to this news… Probably won’t have a huge effect on Vegas in regards to tourists… Once casinos and betting parlors allow sports betting in Missouri or any other state, the first thing they need to do is make betting mobile friendly…

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Brews On The Balcony 5/10/18


STUPIDEST THINGS PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES HAVE DONE DURING A GAME (2:23) – Brad Marchand licks Lightning player in the face… Ron Artest fights fan in the stands… Randall Simon hits Brewers Sausage mascot with bat… Bryce Harper crappy helmet throw… Torii Hunter throws fastball back at pitcher after getting beaned…

AUDIO CLIPS OF THE DAY (15:04) – Lady running a cornhole tournament goes crazy when a fight breaks out during the event… Shaq and Charles Barkley get in a heated argument on their TV show and it leads to some good slams from both sides…

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Big Web’s 2018 Derby Picks

Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen…….
It’s that time of year again!!!!!


With the Derby landing on Cinco De Mayo, I don’t know if I should drink a mint julep or a margarita… Okay Both!

Here’s what we are thinking for this years Derby……..

Wow! Some stud front runners in this one!!!!

#5 AUDIBLE – Very solid horse that dominated in the Grade 2 Holy Bull
back in February, then proved it again in the Grade 1 Florida Derby a month later.

#7 JUSTIFY – Big Horse. Grade 1 Santa Anita Derby Winner. Sets a front pace and doesn’t give it up. Relentless!

#14 – MENDELSSOHN – Amazing in Dubai last month. First time on dirt, won by 18 lengths! But can he overcome the trip across the pond that most European horses cannot? I say yes this time……because he did it back in November at the Breeders Cup! He came over from Ireland and took that trophy & might have even swam back.
Experts say this may be the time for a European invader to take the Derby.
We will see how comfortable this horse looks on race day, but very very much in there!

#11 BOLT D’ORO – Very solid second to Justify in California. Very wide trip in BC Juvinile last year, so we will forgive that one. But then came back very strong in the San Fillippe. If Justify is as good as the hype, then this one is not far behind!

#18 VINO ROSSO – This one made a very bold move in the Wood Memorial. I like this one to close if he can settle in around 10-15 off the pace. With the right trip, he can be there.

Let’s box the above 5 in the $1 trifecta for a total of $60.

And….. Let’s put $20 WP on AUDIBLE,
Should be 2nd or 3rd favorite. I’m hoping for 8-1. Especially if the public dumps on Justify.

Lastly……if you want a monster long shot…..I believe if the pace up front becomes wicked fast……there might be a chance for the 50-1 closer………..LONE SAILOR to catch em all!

As always……..Remember……Don’t bet the ranch! Bet the shed!!!

Good luck everybody!!!!!

*SIDE NOTE* The Picks above were based on there being a dry track during the race. Changes could be made a half hour prior to the Derby starting. Stay Tuned. *SIDE NOTE*

Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports