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The T.J. Weber Show 4/4/18


UPCOMING VEGAS TRIP TALK (3:00) – “Homeless” people in Vegas… Planning on doing a remote on the strip…

LAST MARCH MADNESS SEGMENT OF 2018 (7:25) – Our brackets sucked… Donte Divincenzo scored 31 in National Championship, but people are focused on his tweets from 2011… The internet is ruthless…

CARDINAL FANS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY (15:55) – Some fans wanted to give up on the season after the first two games… Nick calls out Keith Olbermann… Matheny and the front office can’t win in the public eye. Until they win a World Series, they will be ridiculed. Doesn’t make sense… I now get why people hate parts of the Cardinals’ fan base… A few people can ruin it for the whole bunch…

RAMS TRADE FOR BRANDIN COOKS (25:55) – Everybody else can now join St. Louis in hating the Rams…

NICK IS FINALLY WATCHING S.O.A (28:14) – Season 1 update from Nick…

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The T.J. Weber Show 3/27/18


MPJ IS GOING TO THE NBA – (3:20) – Will Jontay Porter follow his brother?

RAMS SIGN NDAMUKONG SUH – (8:08) – Odell Beckham Jr to L.A.?

STANLEY CUP INTERVIEWS WAITRESS – (14:35) – Our loyal caller Stanley Cup calls in with a guest of his own.

ANNOYING CAR WINDSHIELD FLIERS – (18:00) – Looking for ways to market the show. What better way than to make people mad with fliers on their windshields?

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The T.J. Weber Show 3/23/18


NICK’s NASHVILLE STORIES – (2:00)- Some drunk dude tried to trade his ID and Credit Card for Nick’s Mizzou gear… no you are not on drugs, you read that right.

OUR BRACKETS SUCK/SWEET 16 PREVIEW (recorded on 3/21) (11:20)- Breakdown of our TERRIBLE Sweet 16 picks before the games were actually played.

MPJ COMING BACK TO MIZZOU? (20:00)- Rumor is that Michael Porter Jr. could be coming back to Missouri for his Sophomore season… will it actually happen? If Michael goes to the NBA, does Jontay go with him?

SURVIVOR (The T.V. Show) FANTASY LEAGUE (30:45)- Nick and his friends have created a fantasy league for a TV show. T.J. wants to start one for different shows.

HOW MANY COUPLES FROM THE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE ARE STILL TOGETHER? (36:48) – Laura tries to convince Nick to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette, who from that show is still together?

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The T.J. Weber Show 3/20/18


LAURA’S SIDE OF #SOUPSTORY (1:30) – Laura gives her side of last week’s soup story

VOICEMAIL SEGMENT (7:00) – First voicemail submission is played. Looks like we have a new weather reporter. Not sure how a weather reporter can work on a podcast.

HAS TAYLOR SWIFT FOUND THE ONE? (11:00) – Headline last week said T-Swift may have found “the one”. If she gets married, it’ll ruin her career. She makes money on failed relationships. Old Taylor is not coming back, Nick.

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