Brews on the Balcony 4/19/18


RIZZO WANTS SHORTENED MLB SEASON AND T.J. AGREES (6:35) Cardinals have won five straight… Anthony Rizzo says 162 games in a season is too long… Stanley Cup is toughest championship to win… 12 wins needed to just get to the Stanley Cup Finals is CRAZY…

#FAKENEWS GAME (15:34) New segment where Nick gives T.J. three stories and he has to decide if they are real or fake… Today’s Stories: Alabama Poop Train, Netflix Signs Deal With Seth Rogen, Fortnite Announces That Their Battle Royale Game Mode Will Be Leaving In May…

THE ALPHABET GAME (23:20) Today’s Category- Restaurants… Nick forgets the letter “E” for the second time…

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2018 NFL Mock Draft

AWB Sports is back with its 2018 NFL Mock Draft from Andrew and Bill. Here is our co-mock draft, switching off picks for each NFL team, Bill with the odd picks and Andrew with the even. For some background on our authors, Andrew and Bill both received their certificates as draft experts during college after many late nights studying film and hydrating appropriately. We hope you enjoy our thoughts.

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Brews on the Balcony 4/17/18


WE’RE HAVING AN ISSUE WITH FACEBOOK (2:00) – Facebook won’t change our show name on our page… We’ve done what they’ve asked and it still says “The T.J. Weber Show”

T.V. TALK (7:07) – Nick’s Sons of Anarchy and Survivor update… NEVER search anything about a T.V. show on the internet that has already been aired, because you will see spoilers EVERY time…

WHAT POPS UP WHEN WE GOOGLE ‘BREWS ON THE BALCONY’? (13:00)- Apparently it’s a women’s robe… who knew…

VOICEMAIL SEGMENT (16:55) – Caller is unhappy with the way Survivor has been going the past few years… T.J. says the show is obviously fixed… Ratings gets you immunity on the show… Stanley Cup calls in with a weather report from three days ago… Stanley is having trouble figuring out what the new name of the podcast is…

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me (26:07) – Our NEW segment… First we had Tide Pod eating, now we have condom snorting?… Tarantula burgers…

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A Deeper Look at the Rams Offseason

The Los Angeles Rams have had a busy offseason. As anyone who follows the NFL surely already knows, the Rams have added four huge names in free agency; Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, Ndamukong Suh, and Brandin Cooks. On paper, the talent acquired looks like a home run. GM Les Snead has drawn a ton of national media attention that has largely commended him for his aggressive approach, but I’m not so sure it’s all going to work out quite the way everyone thinks.

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Introducing The Brews On The Balcony Podcast

On Tuesday, From The Tap Sports officially changed the name of their lone podcast from “The T.J. Weber Show” to “Brews On The Balcony”.

T.J. Weber and Nick Yahl will continue to host the podcast and will plan on putting out two new shows per week.

Weber and Yahl plan to take the show to the next level by adding in more segments and personalities. STAY TUNED!

You can follow the show on Twitter and Instagram (@BalconyBrewsPod)